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Romance proposes means pop chart
Romance proposes means pop chart

Propose the most typical pattern is: Ground of male odd genu genuflect, take out the case that holding ring only, request to agree femaly to spend the remainder of one's life beside his next.

Such courtship as the most classical means continue to use up to now. Nevertheless, present woman perhaps hopes more stir, more romantic and the courtship that has new idea more means, even, can far from according to such program. A few kinds of the most perfect courtship introduce for you below means.

1. reach the limit

If your cummer is motile, you can be after the activity of a day that climb rock, the supreme dot that stands in mountain peak proposes to her. Other and feasible method includes: Be in when parachute jumping in the air, be in when phreatic water deep-sea in, wait a moment so.

2. kinescope expresses intention

The video tape that makes a dish propose to her can move very much her heart, especially if you can watch this dish of kinescope together with her.
She can jump with joy certainly, be about to have honeymoon with you immediately...

In 3. sky " coerce "

A kind of publiccer manner is to use you one case by air opportunity. You can request pilot to communicate through radio the system communicates your courtship the cummer beside. For example, you can ask pilot to say: "We are flying be in Qinghai-Tibet Platean in the sky, again near 40 minutes can reach destination. By the way, an Na, li Ke asks you whether he has favour to be able to marry you to be wife. " in the public eye, believing what you get may be only " be willing " , of course, still safety descends.

On road of 4. high speed

Imagine her to driving on the way home, in front the leather shoes advertisement on billboard became suddenly " dew, are you willing to marry me? " this can make certainly your propose get twice the result with half the effort. Not only such, the car of come and go can understand your intention, and bless you succeed. They still can wish because,your dew dew is fastened too excited and bump to the brand.

5. screen is intermediary

Your acquiesce accompanies her to look newest shown super character sentiment is big. Be in film is formal before begin, broadcasted what have a subtitle only to add piece: "Annie, are you willing to do my wife? " although you won't because of direct this meticulously and have the honor to win Oscar award, at least it can regard romance as one act be in by the record of this cinema " courtyard history " in.

6. radio expresses feeling

If you know she can be in everyday a certain fixed time listens to a certain fixed broadcast, the method of dibble seeding program can win her favor certainly.

8. love police

Of course, accomplish this to have some of difficulty, its need is real " constabulary uncle " undertake assorted. Nevertheless, when if be in,she drives, be called by the police at the same time, receive a piece next " propose punish sheet " , it is the feeling that has new idea very much really.
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