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How does marriage banquet play a new pattern
Slide show or video are shown meeting

General meeting shift to an ealier time takes newlywed person marry according to, arrived to marry to be able to have let guest leaf through photography special that day. You can make special arrangement with cameraman, choose a few pieces of better pictures, accompany go up bit of favorite music, come a slide is shown meeting. A few stories new personality " bulletin the world " , make spot atmosphere more enthusiastic. If lamplight lets dark fall before serving, show short film, new personality of the introduction when letting a guest be admired devotedly enters the arena, can appear more romantic and unforgettable.   

Professional show

Do one's best makes wedding breakfast makes show of spot of a high level, besides invite professional singer to appear on the stage to display sing, still can bring piano hand, small-sized band show. Can arrange the song that oneself like beforehand already, also can make guest optional nod a song.

All these is in now is not tickler any more.

  Game program

New personality can hold a few little game on the banquet, let the guest appears on the stage to participate in or answer a few simple questions. Game content is best with marry about, the ogle during asking guest to appear on the stage to perform new personality be passionately in love for example, ask guest to speak discovery two people pat both sides of the course that procrastinate, men and women to send a delegate to undertake the match is waited a moment each, the participation of everybody can bring different mood for marriage banquet. Free new talent also can appear on the stage " accept a challenge " , if perform the kiss, birthday that speaks the other side, hobby, favorite food, afraid animal, place that meets for the first time,wait a moment.   

Little gift

Prepare a few little gifts, give the visitor that appears on the stage to perform. Also can accomplish " everybody has reward " , send every guest a little souvenir bring back the home, for example a string of a pair of cherub, Xiaohua bundle, a bundle of a small brooch, balloon is waited a moment. Arrange lucky lottery prize not to need too precious, can be the little present that has commemorative sense, an an an egg of joking perhaps type, watermelon, coin is waited a moment, important is not award, however the Bacchic atmosphere in lottery process.

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