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Newest do laugh propose oath
1. is optimal and barefaced award: Let us be united in wedlock legally!

Award of 2. optimal curiosity: Why don't I know the mankind must marry? ! Be inferior to letting us consider to look together!

3. is optimal and direct award: Let my bury be in your home ancestral grave!

4. is optimal sell award continuously: Do you wish to not be willing to take me to answer a necessaries of life that becomes you?

Award of 5. optimal tender feelings: Like, it is light love. Love, like deeply namely. After I hope, need not use send you to come home, however the home that we return us together.

Award of 6. optimal allergy: Oh, when seeing you scold me, have very great pleasure it seems that! If you want to enjoy this kind of feeling every day, marry me!

Award of 7. optimal acrobatics: Are you willing to marry me? If be willing to standing to lift tall both hands please, if not be willing, the move that ask a station lifts tall double leg.

8. is optimal Cool Man award: I owe a person to be in charge of me.

Award of 9. optimal believer: Do you think this to all one's life marries me or leave all one's life?

Award of 10. optimal originality: When should just marry me come home? The thing of my room moved your home quickly completely...

Award of 11. optimal health care: Your or else marries me this year, next year I begin to have fear marriage disease!

12. is optimal the award that accuse solution: Ask you terminative my peach blossom carries!

Award of 13. optimal P.O.W: Beg for mercy, I surrendered! Want you to eat to my mouth meal every day only.

Award of 14. optimal filmgoer: Sweet heart, help me sign renown. (Sign the conjugal column that is in booklet of registered residence)

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