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Two Park City Zhongshan Park illegal building of 1,500 square meters were remo
Yesterday morning, Municipal Gardens Bureau, Shashi District Urban Management Bureau in cooperation with other units, according to the law of the city and Taishi Yuan Park, Shashi Zhongshan Park to force the removal of illegal structures, illegal off an area of nearly 1,500 square meters. 9 am yesterday, reporters came to Taishi Yuan stores outside the park to see, as the excavator of the construction, began to dismantle illegal buildings in front. Taishi Yuan Park, responsible person, in accordance with the City Park environmental remediation requirements document, November 18, Taishi Yuan Park illegal building work officially started. The removal of the stores have seven, illegal building area of nearly 400 square Meters. Removed in accordance with the provisions of law around the park and park illegally, illegal buildings. Next, the park will be built in place have been removed Transparent walls and green plants planted to beautify the urban environment. 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to Shashi Zhongshan Park west gate, where illegal building is also a lively scene. The demolition of illegal building is located at the west gate of a garden wedding site, an area of 1000 Square meters, removed, there will be green transformation. It is understood that Shashi Zhongshan Park, leased 37 stores, Man Lake Park leased and houses 30 stores, leased 61 Yuqiao Park, Taishi 23 deep outside the park rental, rent a snake into the mountains outside the park 69. The next stage, the park Due under the lease contract will be the case, the gradual dismantling of the other stores, the site will be restored after the removal of public green space, landscape construction, so that Jingzhou City Park into a beautiful card.
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