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Taobao 4 fold challenge the traditional wedding decoration wedding channel vi
Since the marriage ornaments channel Taobao line, the whole wedding market was no moment corpuscles. And the channel in the October 11 -24 buy launch large-scale activities is a great challenge to the traditional wedding channel's bottom line. The low Sizhe Diamond ring is not only a great impact on the traditional sales channels, it is rooted in the minds of consumers the "marriage Amoy Network" concept, a subtle dig a lot of great consumption potential of the 80 customers. PK traditional channels, online shopping "Price is too crazy, and we sell at this price if the traditional channels, we can only recover the cost of shop rental, Purchasing Guide, the channel layers of exploitation, have increased our costs." In the jewelry industry has done a He is ten years old manager said, not without worries. Until recently, he also believes that online shopping will not erode the wedding market: "After all, are thousands of thousands of diamonds, jewelry, online shopping did not think someone will." He is shopping on the Internet is not a mental case. In fact, in the wedding industry to do a long time, people will have such a feeling, in the selection of large items, customers always pick and choose, in particular, cumbersome, and true and false To be very careful examination, how could net purchase it? Invisible, and my heart will be reality? The large number of consumers after 80 to respond with concrete actions challenged the traditional channels. Taobao marriage only buy jewelry channel activities of the first day of a 3398 original price of 18K white gold diamond ring for 20 minutes only 15 minutes to Kuangxiao 60, An hour later, the business supplement of 100 new products are avid users and looted. Can see that online shopping is no longer vulnerable, no longer a small minority of entertainment, but the general trend. As supported, it is more and more mature e-commerce, network channels become more standardized, Taobao, and so sincere Jingdong Platform for long-term business letter accumulated a good reputation and shopping experience. In fact, consumers shopping on the Internet continues to gradually prepare the hearts of the weak, trust and a sense of ever-increasing reliance on online shopping demand for types of goods Increasingly strong. The maturing of the credit system In fact, marriage ornaments Taobao channel Taobao explosive growth and the establishment of a credit system has been closely related. Is well known, and compared to traditional channels, online shopping is the biggest disadvantage is that mutual trust and property Flow, and the most important thing is mutual trust between buyers and sellers problems. And Taobao good solution to this problem Alipay available, Taobao Mall's debut, are greatly enhanced the security of online shopping, make the network more transparent and consumer confidence. Many users believe that the network Shopping more secure, "shopping mall are factory direct supplier, is still very credible, but leave a lot of offline sales channels, it is inevitable there will be tricky. As long as the line Yes, I will give priority consideration." East China University of Politics and Law One student said the Department of Law. In fact, this idea in the 80 groups has become popular, the Internet shopping experience is good to make them more confirmed this view. Crazy wedding ring after 80 moves online shopping also insufficient Strange. Logistics support faster and more secure Taobao facilitated by the rapid rise of wedding jewelry channel Another factor is also developing rapidly in recent years the logistics industry. Once upon a time, the largest e-commerce logistics short board, but today, in many first-tier cities, the net Shopping network has been basically a single day when the world arrives, even very remote areas, has been largely able to control the delivery within 3 days, so that the efficiency of the already very high. And the quality of logistics and transport is also growing, species are constantly broken down. A high-quality goods for the logistics, but also to the rapid arrival of the main fast. Even a large home improvement goods like building materials have also been achieved Courier Express, recently successfully launched Taobao buy home improvement materials activity is proof. The rapid Taobao popular wedding decoration channel is a powerful logistics of such high-quality interpretation. As the leader in the field of C2C e-commerce, Internet, Taobao has been leading the way forward, from the beginning and ebuy competition, to later come out on top, widening forays to the current e-commerce Taobao e-commerce development of China set a Hummer credit. If the previous "Home buy" has proved the feasibility of large net purchases of goods, then the marriage is proved that buy jewelry and fine for small valuables Products, as can be achieved Taobao quality courier service. This large and one small, make a great morning for the electronic development of space, but also to make online shopping into more areas possible.
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