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Car of public transportation marriage marries a bride

The festooned vehicle that the bus changes his costume or dress appears already air sweet. (The newspaper expects the person offers a plan)

Wait for in capacious railroad car, more resemble attending marry Party.

With Lincoln, run quickly although show style,make marriage car but not quite novel. To give beloved person a surprise, recently, guangzhou bridegroom bilks a gentleman to spent time of half an year to prepare to change the bus greets close distinctive ceremony for marriage car, highlight old wide instinctive quality to win bridal satisfaction to return again already.

  Half an year just designs car of public transportation marriage

Bilking a gentleman is Guangzhou native, be engaged in engineering an industry. To marry the bride that already was in love more than 4 years, he is pondering over what can let the other side feel a surprise to greet close ceremony all the time.

“ plans to be become with BMW at the beginning festooned vehicle, but if hire 34 BMW only insufficient imposing manner, hire 78 too expensive, the car that decides to use a train in excess specified length finally so will become festooned vehicle, have imposing manner already so but be economical. ” bilks a gentleman to tell a reporter, he thought the vehicle that can use on the ground, pass oneself doorway later with heart when surrounding a station, discover 215 buses grow already suddenly wide, accord with his tentative idea completely, because this decides next cause,it makes festooned vehicle. “ I and such brides, still a gang friend can get together to play in the car, seem to hold to marry PAR-TY, very satisfy a craving. ” bilks a gentleman to say.

Bilk a gentleman to tell a reporter, this idea can not take a head to be able to be thought out, from original ginseng observation quantity bus arrives picture ichnography, buy material to wait, he kisses force to be in person, around take time full half an year.

   Rose sweet car wins come beauty surprise

Head of “ car vehicle has a 90 degrees horn to be able to place a flower, but bus car head is smooth completely. ” to solve this difficult problem, bilked a gentleman to ponder a week, forge an excellent plan finally. Big fair young that bilked a gentleman to choose two “ to say to weigh ” makes decoration, bought ten thick Jin Sheng next, the head fair young, cervical blow with rain bind calm, the glue sealing box with transparent reoccupy is fixed, the feather that uses pink finally and balloon around, highlight romantic breath.

“ marriage I look for a person to be outside the car before a week spray greatly love peach, embed our marriage is illuminated, hold wedding that day morning 9 when begin to decorate railroad car, spent 3 hours to just imagine mine full complete appear come out. ” bilks a gentleman to say, that day morning, he and brother use pink net yarn, be all over the sky a white rose and a “ astral ” , greenery has wrapped up, on column of the handle that is stuck inside railroad car next, armrest and seat armrest. After be being placed, the aroma of 150 white roses filled whole railroad car instantly.
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