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The schedule that must abide by before bridegroom marriage
New people plans all wedding it seems that around move of the bride fully armed, bridegroom people did not forget oneself. What think oneself are behaved on wedding nevertheless is betterer, preparing ahead of schedule is inevitable. How to go doing, the schedule that sees us is OK.

  Before 3 months:

Decide the formal attire the appearance of an actor of you and your brother group. Go formal attire inn is bought or hire carry out

 A month

If you are the word that buys formal attire, the formal attire that this time should decide you has been revised end and undertake be tryinged on for the last time. If still be the word with right not very, formal attire inn also can have enough time to revise.

A week:

1, go beautifying hair inn does a hair style.

2, repair fingernail. Need not resemble a bride too elegant and complex, clip is orderly and clean OK.

3, make him cap-a-pie careful be done one time, try a few trendy things, give a bride a surprise.

Bridal before today:

1, if be the formal attire that rent, take out your formal attire. Ensure your father and brotherly member take their formal attire.

2, no matter be,buy, the size that checks formal attire repeatedly finally, formal attire, trousers, shirt, cravat, vest or waist are sealed, shoe of cuff-link, ceremony and sock are waited a moment.

If you prepare to wearing your ceremonial robe or dress in more circumstance, that sees the bridegroom things detailed list below what have is to fall:

Protect hair product; The mouth enrages pure and fresh agent; Cravat; The waist is sealed; Vest; Coat or jacket; Cuff-link; Formal attire shirt; Watch; Trousers; Singlet; Underwear; Sock; Shoe; The most important finally is -- marriage give up.

Bridal that day in the morning:

1, meticulous long face

2, bubble hot bath

3, remember taking pure and fresh dose, the likelihood is an old hot days.

4, must not forget ring. The brother that can be put in you to trust before powwow holds him in the palm to keep in the pocket.

5, if possible sentence, the mother that calls you helps you arrange the firework on the pocket. The mother of this hour is sure meeting the real situation appears hot tear is filled with the socket of eye.

6, deep breathing, look finally before the mirror. Everything is ready, my beloved bride, I came!   

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