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Buy a suit small stick person
Dimension Buy dress dimension appropriate it is the most important, again strong suit if dimension is improper, look to be able to resemble borrowed so afflictive. A few kinds of be the men's clothing on market below main size, after understanding somewhat you ability good check the number is entered " wear " .
The men's clothing of domestic brand uses national level name commonly model. Men's clothing cent is Y, A, B, C4 to plant, y style states pectoral waistline difference is between 17-22CM, a style states pectoral waistline difference is between 12-16CM... with this analogize. Bodily form differs by height every 5CM is differred for an archives, to 195CM from 160CM cent is 8 date. 160CM is 3, 165CM is 4... 195CM is 10. Nevertheless, inside general industry the 4-9 date of bodily form of A, B, C, it is equality sign of common A4, A5, B5, B8.
Europe code is much what belong to date certainly with 1/2 bust and 1/2 waistline model. With Pierkadan the suit is exemple: Standard type of build or figure is N, the body that add fertilizer is M, the N body waistline of same height wants small 6CM than M body. Height criterion cent is S (166-172CM) , R (172-178CM) , L (178-184CM) 3 kinds. Exemple: The person of 75CM of a height, if 1/2 bust is 48CM, 1/2 waistline is 41CM, so the dress that he wears NR48 number with respect to this.
And Japanese date differ somewhat again, each number name all has different and random law but abide. It is the person of height 170CM together, old have M and ABM 95CM of bust of correspondence of two kinds of model, waistline is the person of 88CM.


It is clear to do dimension can begin to carry " thorn " . Common step is treat an external form, regard as labour, see fabrics.
Suit jacket can be checked from face of around side tripartite.
Predecessor should see collarband, refute head is smooth take, decorous; Prothorax is full; The size position of bag is symmetrical, bag lid is smooth take.
The back of a person should look whether smooth-going, whether is bladebone place extended; Vent in the sides of a garment leaves to whether be made the same score after take; The check is gotten after whether level off.
Flank should see humeral line whether be arranged straight; Arm Ying Yuanshun; Lap is suitable straight.
Trousers exterior also can be divided place to make the same score, 3 kinds of methods differentiate lumbar head, overhang.
Smooth placing is be opposite creases neat square, see side seam suitable straight; Side moves round whether docile, size is consistent, do not a string of 1 bag; Crotch is right Qi Shunzhi.
The waist is trousers craft most centralized place. Should see lumbar head flat, plait Jian, the province is seamed symmetrical; Hind bag whether docile, neat; See string of belt small Pan whether be made the same score take, the position, the position is exact, the front of a garment in front of a garment of guard the entrance is round suitable appropriate.
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