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The dinner party stunt of leading role of the men and women in wedding
Wedding breakfast is held after wedding normally, contemporary banquet traveler changes to be held in the late evening gradually and the site also changes gradually in restaurant. Wedding breakfast most did not have regular program, the bride should change 3-5 to cover different evening dress normally (can perform to the top of one's bent take 裝, and it is exclusive heroine oh... ) except propose a toast, Xie Ke, outside seeing a visitor out, new personality most does not leave a place; But... should notice formal attire on one hand, the person that should note come and go on one hand... what be because this most eats, less than east east... so, eat more before marriage banquet a bit... it is very important. Also want to understand guest setting beforehand.

Have to guest before wedding breakfast probably understanding is very important, because of the has the man already friend that come, also have the woman's friend, their the other side had not contacted the likelihood has a few before this, mix to invitation register beforehand so thin mutual understanding can monarch greatly avoid the appearance that produces awkwardness in marriage banquet. Analyse the disposition of guest

Some disposition extroversion in guest, some is introvert, endless and one, answer to treat respectively to them: The friend of extroversion as far as possible as suitable as indrawn friend and sit, had better be had been acquainted sit in same table, do not forget indrawn friend in marriage banquet, timely ground and they make a call, but not too act carefully at them, propose a toast forcibly for example etc. Deal with wine water to battle

In marriage banquet bridegroom bride is unavoidable to want to get of close friends propose a toast, but must be partly compliant, what a cup of cup cannot show to work certainly when beginning is forthright, no matter be old friend,still be metropolis and you come to new friend otherwise " sparrow this " , 0 Ding fuddle one's cap not only meet those who affect whole marriage banquet undertake, worse of bridal chamber " meddlesome " ! Be about before marriage banquet so ready-made, carry two meetings to drink and the glib a matron of honour that accompany man as pretext, this but must oh! Handle recreational program

In marriage banquet hind paragraph, certain little not some little game tricks newlywed person as episode, this can be the period of time that handles the past the hardest. This stylish person should be shown as far as possible easy tired falling appearance, endeavor to cater to (make some relatively open already (3 class) program, if be kissed in public / the mouth feeds the) such as the grape, otherwise you more be affectedly bashful, everybody can jeer more, can be immersed in the trap that has set completely in. This paragraph of season is a program completes a program quickly, had jumped over more quickly, want new personality make concerted effort only, cross life in all the first " adversity " , the historical mission that fulfils marriage banquet.
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