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Marrying is life a significant turn, every woman hopes to be on wedding beautiful and conspicuous, glorious takes a person, man why is not! As a result of different domestic background, teach degree and disposition hobby, make people is put on the choice of dress have very big difference, some advocating the dignified elegance of conservative and traditional bridal dress, some is infatuated with the pure and fresh vogue of contemporary and bridal dress, some admires the avant-courier that stands to go alone especially to dress up. No matter how the style of female outfit fluctuates, men's clothing appears to always answer with inconvenience 10 thousand change. Actually the progress as the times, fashionable alternate, men's clothing also is in make a response silently to vogue. Although bridal dress also is affected fashionably, but by child the characteristic of its dress circumstance, having relatively fixed pattern. As a whole, choosing wedding to take those who install first consideration is the place that holds wedding; It is the design of dress next. Fabrics, the temperament of colour and oneself. Appearance condition photograph suits; Finally is the harmony with bridegroom and tonal style of bridal formal attire.

   The choice of design

What the choice of design of bridegroom formal attire should consider above all is the place that wedding holds, be hold in cathedral, hotel or outdoors, different place is different to the requirement of formal attire. The bride in contemporary and bridal celebration can choose normally 3, 5 layette outfit, it is formal attire of a gauze of marriage of a Western-style white, Chinese style commonly, 1, 3 fashionable dress. The formal attire of form a complete set of white gauze of the perfect collocation of the different style ceremonial robe or dress that another principle that bridegroom dress chooses wants consideration and bride namely and bride chooses. >>>The editor recommends: Heren bridegroom formal attire is elegant elegant demeanour


If bridal ceremony is held in cathedral. Bridal marriage gauze had better choose traditional pattern. The modelling that its form finalizes the design because of period of follow Victoria queen, multi-purpose the skirt that buttock mat and chemise will come to build bounty is placed, white head gauze, less bare. If ceremony skirt is not had,sleeve should match white gauntlet. This kind of formal attire is the earliest traceable 18 century end period of politics of the Supreme Being, long history makes it has a kind of special and indicative sense that surmounts dress form. So up to now the first selection style that traditional marriage formal attire still is a lot of brides. Bridegroom should prepare semiformal formal attire (Semiforma, wear) . Traditional pattern is buckled one grain for jacket the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket, the circle is placed. Head of prop up refute, with division of face of concolorous silk damask; Wind bag inserts white handkerchief: Seams of a trouser leg sets silk side rule. Summer can choose white wollens or hemp division. The pocket inserts black fogle. White shirt should choose to there is type of plait Jian illuminative before the bosom, get adorn for black bow tie. Brooch, cuff-link should become series, as suitable as dress. Additional, do not forget preparative white glove. As fashionable changes, people is formal to loaded down with trivial details the desalt of dress, so not strict also to the requirement of formal attire. Can choose double platoon to buckle or odd platoon two buckle formal suit to 4, make the same score refute head or head of prop up refute, double the line is built without bag or double open a line to have type wrapping up a lid.
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