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2008, marry good fire is that kind
The amount is compared the corresponding period was become more last year

Because 2008 is an Olympic Games year, so many new personality married to be in surely this year, this is become undoubtedly marry this year one of reasons with new personality more than last year amount. The reporter is in Taipei beautiful abandon understanding to arrive, come on the weekend now the newlywed person that takes marriage gauze to illuminate seeks advice to be able to achieve 60 pairs or so on average everyday in inn. Taipei beautiful the chief king manager that abandon tells a reporter, "Than last year the corresponding period grew now about the same 30% . "Than last year the corresponding period grew now about the same 30% ..

Yun Chang is married the garment, innocent waited for building of marriage gauze shadow to arrive weekday also is to explode full, "Like hearing of many new personality and us, should drive in the Olympic Games year marry. " Mr He that lives in Ningxia road and fiancee are married in Yun Chang the garment just has been booked outside the time that takes a department, "In advance books good lest platoon not to go up date. " Mr He says. The price is compared last year rise of the corresponding period 10%

The price that marriage gauze photographs is the killer mace that orgnaization of photography of each marriage gauze strives for a client all the time, the reporter understands, the price that marriage gauze photographs this year rose 10%-20% left and right sides than last year.

"All sorts of bad news material are in rise in price. " Yun Chang is married the manager of chief the Song Dynasty of the garment tells a reporter, "The marriage gauze of the domestic and international popular design that we introduce, be being returned from quality of a material no matter is charge for the making of sth. excelsior, and all sorts of setting that marriage gauze films, prop includes what equipment also has different rate to rise in price.

Shengwalunding criterion open up two exterior base, in order to answer this year of amount of new personality marriage increase, "Quantitative increase, the exterior base with new open up can get used to the demand that new people films to exterior better. The exterior base with new open up can get used to the demand that new people films to exterior better..

Olympic Games element is perforative and bridal

The reporter understands, be aimed at 2008 " Olympic Games " this one theme, to reflect individuation adequately, the name of marriage banquet dish that a few hotels roll out, place stage, setting to decorate in succession with " Olympic Games " relevant, for instance advocate the design that desk flower joins Fu Wa, the torch pattern that can reflect an Olympic Games is added to wait on banquet setting, Xi Ka.

Some marriage celebrate a company to return the meeting requirement according to new personality, special adjust emcee program, there is torch hand at the beginning in wedding for example the torch that will symbolic people of a new type loves truly affection really by the guest that each desk delivers outside field, repass accompanies the relay of parents of both sides of man, a matron of honour, new personality to deliver, hand in in the hand of bridegroom bride finally; Also can invitation card the marriage of new personality the form that designs Olympic Games torch; The desk date that serves as marriage banquet with Olympic Games project.
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