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Beautiful beautiful marriage gauze is illuminated today season popularity trend
2008 the arrival of the Olympic Games, added more and festival color to insular city undoubtedly, more building of marriage gauze shadow brought upsurge of field of one stock market; Why to plant this year the marriage gauze of fabrics is the most fashionable, the formal attire of what design is the most popular, style of that kind of photography most accept favour, for the newlywed person that takes marriage gauze to illuminate to provision, it is the topic that cares most.

Buildings of many shadow of brand marriage gauze released the popular trend that marriage gauze photographed 2008, individuation and theme are changed became new trend gradually. Among them, film bridal album, " common of marriage of region of different of the experience outside the condition " , marriage gauze illuminated movie poster type, gut caricature type to become the pronoun with marriage gauze modern this year photography in succession.

Marriage gauze reflects a style: According to Qingdao Yun Chang marries Yi Meili's bride Introduction Song Zong of marriage gauze house, to salute the advent 2008, yun Chang is married house of garment marriage gauze introduced the technology with the most sophisticated international, will with " smooth field " type photography method, break traditional Chan Dengping to film solely, form type of electric film field to film thereby gimmick, such filming the photograph that come out sense of more stereo, downy, administrative levels is stronger, this also will be 2008 be about to a popular kind new-style film gimmick; Additional, the marriage gauze this year reflects a style also more advocate individual character, free, distinguish the royalty style last year, new this year personalized marriage gauze is illuminated begin to be among new personality popular. Especially a few 80 hind new personality, to the turf style that rolls out in New Year, western gauze of marriage of series of improved type pure bull-puncher is illuminated, favour has add.

Bridal makeup allows: Begin to return to nature on makeup look this year, abandoned before wear heavy make-up, those who replace is nature does not have mark makeup pure and freshly, this kind of makeup look already beautiful natural, press close to lives daily makeup, let a bride look more show Qing Chuntian beautiful, if give Shui Furong. What pink fastens is lovely of makeup look, soft beauty transparent makeup very the reception that gets newlywed person.

Marriage gauze: Compare last year, the design of marriage gauze is more fashionable this year, tend delicate change, with world popularity the trend conforms. According to Shengwalunding the Xing Zong of house of gauze of delicate number marriage introduces, this year marriage gauze more pursue contracted, prominent line, belt of such as condole, wait for design without modelling of clipping of neck of shoulder of belt, dew, condole, tall waist, corselet more and more be favorred by contemporary girl place. The fabrics of marriage gauze also more and more fastidious, the new fabrics such as silk of double lubricious damask, flashy damask, bud is increasing also. And get delicately adorn, silken belt, bowknot, drape, flower remains popular element.  
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