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Shenyang one wealthy businessman marries Bi Fujian chairs 38 bold Ma Ying to kis

Core clew: On November 24, liaoning one wealthy businessman marries, employ 38 bold Ma Ying to kiss, red light is entered after keep out plate, cause traffic intentionally to embrace. CCTV compere finishs Fu Jian was chairedBridal, the star such as Ke Yimin, Cheng Kuian, Shang Zhenzong appearances display art.

China trade morning paper reported on November 25 yesterday, this bridal motorcade that by all of one suit luxurious and cross-country car comprises, red light is entered after keep out plate, cause traffic intentionally to embrace.

Bold Ma Ying blocks plate to still enter red light in person

Yesterday 7 when make, shenyang city iron on the west the road in area Shenyang distant western steam matchs city a section of a highway, one each on the west eastwards the motorcade of travel sails head on come, the pedestrian stops in succession.

A Feng Tian is overbearingCross-countryCar (kinescope car) travel is before motorcade, it is subsequently one Bai Yi is black horse of two lengthen bold jumps over wild car, again in the future goes side by side namely wild car of sailed bold Ma Yue and Feng Tian are overbearing.

The reporter sees through car window, the around plate of 38 bold horse was affixed " hundred years close very much " model of written characters, held off plate number. Bold horse is being hit double show one direction east, do not have even red light justifiable meeting even.

Two ministry of horsetail of bold of a rice yellow is topping antenna, the member that the car mies wife often takes interphone what to saying. Whole motorcade sails eastwards quickly, do not have strict keep rank.

In bridal motorcadeDriverSay, 5 when make motorcade leave from edifice of international of the embellish in street of peaceful area Nanjing piece, head for home town of a surname of Yu Hong area to marry a bride. He says the reporter is encountered when greeting close motorcade, motorcade has received a bride, driving toward be located in south in the road that a center village bridal chamber lies near the lake.
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