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Optimal marriage the choice of period

Male marriage female marry, unripe raising the child is the thing that everybody can experience. Need the preparation of each respect beforehand, just can choose first-rate to marry period.


The first, want regulation of be good law. Marriage law compasses marries surely the age is male must not antedate 22 one full year of life, female must not antedate 20 one full year of life. Legal marriage is to show the country sets a men and women the age of limit of citizen marriage lowest, not be optimal age. Tell from medicine, physiology development of the youth wants 23  ̄ 25 years old to just can be finished, the ability when if reproductive organ of the female is mixed,pelvic development should arrive 23 years old reachs perfect level. Wait to also want this moment ability to mature like thinking logic and ego control, begin to be opposite oneself career, ideal is confident, to the choice the object is mixed get married establish course of study to also can mature relatively reach think seriously. Accordingly, think at present the most comfortable and the age, the male is 25 years old, the female is 23 years old. Marriage law stipulates late childbirth of marry at a mature age should grant to encourage, this is reasonable.

The 2nd, marry at a mature age is helpful for health of body and mind. Marry prematurely healthy to human body impact is bigger, somebody has made count, what after the female that marries 20 years old before suffers from the opportunity of cervix cancer to want to compare 26 years old, marry is 6 times taller. If be borne prematurely, the girl should pay quite high price, ability suits be pregnant and the need of fetal development. Accordingly, when maturity of the body development that finish writtens guarantee legitimate Yo has profit to health again. First-rate age marries, first-rate age is borne, also be helpful for prepotent. American geneticist ever had analysed maternal age and filial generation a priori to lack the relationship of caustic, the defective children with the maternal strange place that discovers 25  ̄ 29 years old is least, it is 25 years old of person that bear below next, and the occurence rate of the blemish of filial a priori that bears after 30 years old is gradual, rise apparently after 40 years old.

The 3rd, due and independent economy capacity, can bear the responsibility that has a society. Marriage is both sides of male and female gets along really, and bear children even, if still do not have independent economic requirement, marry prematurely, it is difficult that the meeting on the life is in, increase economically, the burden on spirit.

The 4th, also want to have certain mature requirement on philosophy. If moral character is wronger, philosophy, world outlook has not mature, finalize the design, married curtly, also can cause new tragedy. So, both sides must have deeper knowledge during love, negotiate a choice jointly relatively stable, relatively the optimal marriage that what be sure to begin collective life period.
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