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Be troubled by the origin of bridal chamber
Chinese traditional marriage with its formal grand with the elaborate of occasion have distinguishing feature quite, want a course to carry normally marriage, be engaged, marry get married, make the program such as bridal chamber, frolic in bridal chamber when nocturnal many relatives and friends with newly-married among them after bride and bridegroom, new personality in pairs puts in bedroom 's charge to be a climax hand in hand. Old times, an a few good situation are created in this absurdity act, because happen in bridal chamber more, reason is called make a room, be troubled by bridal chamber, be troubled by bridal chamber. As a result of this one consuetudinary it is main and droll object with the bride, friend says to be troubled by a bride again, make fun of a bride, old times still calls play Fu.
About making the past history with consuetudinary room, our country folk has two kinds of views. Say to result from exorcise avoids calamity. According to legend, early is violet before small bit descend to the world, one is encountered to wrap around on the road Ma Daixiao's woman, follow at sb' heels receives close rank in a group later, he sees this is a devil in do evil of wait for one's chance, dog then bridegroom home, see that woman had arrived first only, and hide into bridal chamber. When bridegroom, bride does obeisance to heaven and earth to want to enter bridal chamber, violet small bit is defending the door not to let enter, say inside hiding a devil. Everybody asks him to show the way that divide demon, he suggests: "The devil is the most terrible much, person much influence is numerous, devil not dare do violence do evil. " then, bridegroom asks guests to play in bridal chamber josh, take evil spirit with laugh drive. As expected, arrived time of the five watches of the night, the devil ran away eventually. Visible, was troubled by bridal chamber to be cheated namely at the beginning exorcise avoids the colour of calamity. The each district of custom north and south that makes bridal chamber exorcise all has. Before somebody enters bridal chamber, in the Yangtse River downstream area, before bridegroom one evening must sleep in bridal chamber, ask two name daughter beforehand child hand hold Gong Zhu will be illuminated inside bridal chamber. Tianjin person asks beat upon team to be inside bridal chamber beat upon, in an attempt to is auspicious. After new personality enters a room, the evil influence inside drive room still very important. Be in for instance east go up, bridegroom wants to fire one arrow indicatively each quadrilateral to bridal chamber into house hind, or hand hold short-hilted broadsword chops one knife toward every corner empty, and the song says: "Chop bewitching, 2 chop strange, 3 throw devil bad head, the 4 looks that chop funeral are quick leave, laugh see kylin send child come. " more general consuetudinary it is inside bridal chamber buy grows bright lamp. Alleged " bridal chamber spends candle night " those who say is this meaning. Have scholastic research, listen to a room consuetudinary also be a kind of safeguard that prevents a phantom to enter bridal chamber essentially.
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