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3 make bridal chamber game culturedly

  of 3 difficult bridegroom

Before be troubled by bridal chamber to end, can perform a " " of 3 difficult bridegroom. Fabulous, su Xiaomei and Qin Shaoyou newly-married when, su Xiaomei lets bridegroom guess a mystery, do a poem, right a couplet serves as the precondition that enters bridal chamber. Allow a bride nowadays when Su Xiaomei, bridegroom plays the part of Qin Shaoyou, also come a " 3 difficult " . Do not see this small 3 problems, was a hard job to a bride however. If go out too easily to fear guest agreeing, if gave difficult problem,feared embarrassing again bridegroom. Then, guest promising bridegroom gives an idea, also promising bridegroom is become of give advice. Right now, the atmosphere that make a room reachs a climax. Wait for bridegroom solution to give 3 titles, be troubled by bridal chamber to also announce an end.

Send a thing 

10 common things in the room (for instance tooth brush, lipstick, remote controller) in putting a bag, send this bag guests, to them 30 seconds of times feel these article, let them remember next things that feel more as far as possible. You can prepare two bag, each put 10 same things, send a guest severally next, can accelerate rate so. Write pair of most person triumph.

Recital Tang poetry   

If bridal bridegroom loves literature, so ask them to come contest of Tang poetry arena is very appropriate. Match method is: Ask bridegroom chant Tang poetry first, receive chant by the bride next, those who ask to receive chant Tang poetry sentence in the line that has a word and bridegroom at least is the same as a word, then bridegroom again chant, the condition is same also, must a word and bridal line are the same as a word. Receive chant repeatedly so, cent gives victory or defeat, after the first bureau ends, take the lead in reciting poems by bridegroom sentence, catch pair of chant later, divide a victory or defeat of the 2nd bureau again. If both sides gets the better of one bureau each,can add finals one bureau. Guest is optional one factitious judgment, every 30 seconds do not receive chant to be sentenced namely negative, the person that lose performs a program. For example: Spring Mian does not become aware dawn- - billow of endless the Yangtse River comes- - see Jiang Xinqiu pale blue only- - the bright moon before the bed is smooth- - before do not see the ancients- - hill rises from person face- - it is only in this hill...

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