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Marry after Olympic Games of Guo brilliant brilliant Huo Qigang is done decide o
Dispatch occupied Chinese entertainment network on June 31 newest first phase " 3 weekly " report, "Diving empress " after Guo brilliant brilliant is attending Beijing Olympic Games, will marry Huo Qigang, become one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight brides. And reporter also exposure their a person of extraordinary powers curtilage.

Still have two months, it is the Chinese's historic great time, the day that Chinese Beijing Olympic Games holds. Stop not simply match of Olympic Games of insecurity of global Chinese audience, chinese athlete is responsibility more great, swear to win record-breaking medal number for the country; Among them, national diving team is our hope that seize gold of course.

Diving team chief commander, " diving empress " Guo brilliant, afterwards Olympic Games of the Athens 4 years ago carries off after two sides gold, today wrap around once more armour go into battle, before the hope wins her to retire for national group gold of final two sides.

Point to according to domestic message, guo brilliant brilliant is finished today the Olympic Games can retire gloriously, obtain relevant section to allow, marry suddenly family name familial heir male friendly Huo Qigang,

Oriental daily on June 2Report: Zhu Lingling and overnight of thunderbolt of former husband suddenly shake are in " evening party of charity of Hui Yanya collect " in meet again, although concern to already was not former times comparing today, affection of husband and wife no longer, but 2 people still show good-bye politely also is a friend, openerHandclasp.

On Zhu Lingling before handclasp of thunderbolt of as suddenly as former husband shake, bilateral and even face is awkward.

Overnight " evening party of charity of Hui Yanya collect 2008 " in Jun Yue the hotel is held, the money of be apt to that auctions a share among them will dial those who abandon relieve the people in stricken area to use, huo Zhenting andSon
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